Park Slope: Erosion Control Made Easy

Park Slope is the name of a highly desirable neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City’s most populous borough and it also describes what can happen when erosion takes over a neighborhood park.

Here in California, we recently took a stroll through one of our regional parks after an autumn storm, and spied some erosion control straw wattles in action. While the ranger couldn’t verify that they are Impact Absorbents’ Straw Wattles, judging by the excellent environmental protection they afforded the area under restoration, we’re betting they’re ours.

All of the grass around the picnic area had been removed so the maintenance crew could install new picnic tables and upgrade the gazebo. The wattles surrounded the entire scene, keeping the exposed dirt safely in place.

Though the geographically named Park Slope is located on the Hudson River, erosion control may not be top of mind among these upscale Brooklynites. But since we’re in the business of spill containment, safety and environmental protection, saving slopes is front and center with us. So if any of Park Slope’s historic buildings, parks, schools or transit systems should ever need erosion control or spill containment assistance, we hope they’ll turn to Impact Absorbents. Because nobody understands the true nature of “slope” the way we do.

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