Residents of eroded Alaskan village continue to relocate

Residents of an Alaskan village heavily affected by erosion have been making progress in relocating to another site which exists 9 miles away. The village, which exists close to the state’s west coast, is one of the areas most affected by the flooding and erosion occurring in the state, according to The Associated Press.

Newtok, a Yupik Eskimo village, is currently moving to another site referred to as Mertarvik, which translates to “getting water from the stream” in Yupik. The migration is being forced by the constant invasion of the Ninglick River, according to the news source.

The move has been sustained by repeated short-term funding coming from various parties including state and federal governments, according to The Associated Press. No current plan exists to provide the effort with long-term funding.

Tom Tommy, who has resided in Newtok his entire life, told the media outlet that people living in the town feel “trapped,” and that he is eagerly anticipating moving to the new location, which he refers to as being “nice and clean.”

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