Source of oil leak in Lewiston still unknown

In Lewiston, Idaho, an oil leak has clouded the Clearwater River near the town of Orofino, reports The Lewiston Tribune.

As of early January 4, 2012, officials with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were unable to determine the cause of the petroleum leak, but EPA coordinator Earl Liverman believes it could be seeping from a disrupted storage tank.

Liverman went on to say the leak is an oil bloom that is rising from the bottom of the river and leaves a sheen on the surface. On November 11, 2011, a small earthquake shook the region, which could have altered the strength of local petroleum pipes located at a nearby abandoned gas station.

While county officials and the EPA work to uncover the source of the leak, cleanup crews could deploy XSORB Oil Select Booms to contain all petroleum-based products on the water. The absorbent device is best used in marine environments, including waterways, holding ponds, boating areas and rivers. The device contains any spilled oil and leaves clean water behind. Furthermore, the XSORB Oil Select Boom is constructed of two absorbent socks, rope, netting and hooks for easy deployment and disposal. 

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