State of the “Art”

Uber may have redefined how to get a taxi when you want one. But a cab company in Mumbai is elevating taxi service to state of the art, literally, with eye-popping cab painting that gives artists their big break

Impact Absorbents admires this level of artistic support. We consider our spill clean up something of an art form, too, in the sense that elegantly sweeping away spills in a matter of seconds with environmentally safe products is infinitely more appealing than trying to ineptly sop up spills or broken glass with paper towels and buckets.

Since we’re speaking about transportation, consider XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose, a formula ideal for all types of liquids and semi-liquids that can be used in parking lots, entryways, work areas, roadways, and more, even in light windy conditions. XSORB Outdoor absorbs six times more than clay, yet is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In terms of spill clean up, carrying a bag of XSORB Outdoor in your trunk or truck bed makes an artistic statement.

Or perhaps our FiberLink Universal Split Rolls are more how you roll. They’re perfect to catch leaks, drips and spills of solvents, oils, even acids. Available in medium and heavyweight thicknesses, our Universal Rolls feature dimples for added strength and perforations for easy tearing to the size you need.

And if you really want to sock it to those who say there’s nothing glamorous about spill clean up, choose our FiberLink Orange Universal Sock, which not only stops spills from running, protects sensitive areas such as drains and walkways, and molds around barrels or machinery to trap leaks and drips its bright orange color ensures that spills are clearly visible and easily avoided. Orange is bold, and only the savviest artists know how to use it for maximum effect.

Even if you never pick up a paintbrush, with Impact Absorbents, your spill containment and spill clean up responses will always be state of the art!

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