What Just Can’t Be Contained

We’ve been cooped up, not only all winter but all year, waving to friends and loved ones on Zoom or FaceTime, peering at our elders through glass if they live in senior facilities, and, in general, yearning to breathe freely again.

Now, with shelter in place being gradually lifted, we’re venturing outside again, albeit not yet breathing minus the masks. And while it’s difficult to contain our enthusiasm for being with one another, we still need to social distance.

And, as many if not most of us have discovered, these PPE protocols tend to make for clumsiness. One of us stared at a store shelf, looking for an item that was right in front of our eyes. A local restaurant owner dropped an entire load of take-out food…but don’t get us started on slip and fall misadventures.

Today’s focus is on spill containment. And we can definitely help. 

Impact Absorbents understands spill containment. That’s why we created our deluxe XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom. Custom-made to hold our granular XSORB Spill Clean-up Absorbent, our Spill Station is ideal for retail and grocery stores (or restaurants serving carry-out food), and will leave your floors clean, dry, and residue-free in a matter of minutes.

And yes, it will reduce those slip and fall injuries — and cut labor costs up to 70 percent. 

So feel the spring fever, which does not require taking your temperature, and put a spring in your step, knowing that if any fluids can’t contain themselves, our spill containment solutions are there to handle the spill, so your joy at being out of the house can continue to flow uncontained.





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