When Biodegradable is Bad

Sometimes, what we think is good can be turned on its ear. For instance, biodegradable products.

We’re living in an age when compost bins grace the backyards of many conscious consumers, and people are more aware than ever of how important it is to take care of our Earth, since the next closest planet is hardly habitable.

So you might assume a biodegradable product is a good thing. If you’re talking about recycled wooden utensils, yes. If you’re talking about a spill containment product such as XSORB, no. How come?

The law allows only non-biodegradable absorbents in landfills if they contain toxic and/or hazardous materials. In this case, the fact that XSORB is non-leaching and will never break down is exactly what’s required to keep the planet and her inhabitants safe.

How does XSORB work? This is our open secret: 30 years ago, in the Tharps’ garage, the founders developed a non-toxic, natural blend of siliceous minerals and other inert ingredients that, when combined in a manufacturing process, result in one of the most effective, efficient, and economical absorbents available today.

With over 500 spill solutions on the market, we can handle virtually any type of spill, except hydrofluoric acid. And XSORB is completely non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants.

Do what you can to leave a lighter planetary footprint. Check out those cool new biodegradable products. And stock up on the appropriate Spill Hero spill containment and spill clean up solutions to keep your business and customers safer. When it comes to spills, our solutions will never biodegrade. And that’s good news for everyone.


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