A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

“There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight,” goes an old American standard. When Theodore Metz composed this tune near the end of the 19th century, he probably wasn’t thinking about car culture. (Though the first steam-powered automobile was invented a few decades earlier, it wasn’t exactly what we think of as a car today).

What Metz meant by the title is open to dispute, with some historical notes more amusing and risqué than others. But we know he wasn’t focused on spill containment.

In the 21st century, however, cars define the American way of life, especially in summer. And that means all sorts of potential spill clean up issues on the road. Solvents can turn nasty in the heat. Oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, brake fluid and coolants are a challenge to clean up even when spilled in cool weather. When they’re about to bake into asphalt or concrete, prompt, efficient spill clean up is more crucial than ever.

We’re on it. One superb solution for road spills is Spill Hero Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent, an EcoLogo certified product that enables you to simple sweep away spills with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly absorbent. Outdoor easily handles tough spills such as oil, grease and paint, yet it’s also FDA approved for use around food and food processing.

A similarly excellent choice for the roadway is XSORB EDGE Aggressive Absorbent, which safely and effectively cleans up the toughest spills in a hurry, leaving surfaces clean and dry. Synthetic oils, petroleum, hydraulic fluids, fuel spills…XSORB EDGE has it covered. It’s one of the few times in life when being aggressive is highly positive.

Finally, with all that driving, remember to breathe. With Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Dessicant Breather, that is. This product will minimize maintenance costs, by removing dirt particles, moisture and other contaminants while preventing corrosion and chemical reactions. It’s one of those simple solutions that might not occur to you, which is why we’re offering this reminder. We understand life is busier and more “on” than ever before.

So enjoy your hot time on the town, whatever that means to you. And drive safely, knowing you have Spill Hero spill clean up and spill containment solutions in your corner, and in your truck cab or trunk.

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