What Do You Harbor?

Some people harbor resentment, which can lead to anger spilling over into caustic language. And while we specialize in cleaning up caustic spills, and spills in the marine environment, we can’t clean up the kind of spills that come from someone’s mouth. Unless it’s vomit. Then, there’s Biofresh. But we digress.

What we want to talk about today is not an emotional harbor, but a physical one. If you spend time in harbors and marinas, you understand the importance of keeping our waterways pristine. The president of the United States knows how crucial it is to protect the marine environment. Water is life, and life lives in water. So unlike an emotional spill, which causes harm that the parties involved will need to address, an oil spill in a harbor or marina requires swift action to remedy the damage.

Impact Absorbents is on it. You might think the best spill clean up solution for water would be aquatic in nature, like a duck, and you’d be right. FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Rolls are designed to absorb oil while repelling water. Ideal for marine spills, these products float as they absorb, and their brilliant white color is easily seen on water.

Quick: what’s a boom that makes no noise? XSORB Oil Absorbent Booms, which remove all petroleum-based products in the marine environment, including waterways, holding ponds, boating areas, contaminated barrels, sumps and more, leaving only clean water behind. Constructed of two absorbent socks and rope, netting and hooks for ease of use and disposal, these bi-booms are licensed as an oil spill clean up agent by the California Department of Fish and Game. And, like all Impact products they’re non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Spring is a good time to clean up your act, in every sense. Let the bad blood go. It’s so much easier and more pleasant to harbor joy. Your body will thank you. And when you use spill clean up solutions that protect and preserve our water, the body of Mother Earth will thank you, too.



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