A “Shoe-In” for Service

Who ever heard of hiring new employees, then offering them money to quit? This unusual recruitment method has made Zappos one of the most customer-centric success stories of online retailing.

Once Zappos hires someone, the new employee enters a four-week “immersion” at full salary. But this training comes with a twist: about a week in, Zappos halts the training and makes “The Offer”: quit today, and we’ll not only pay you for the time worked, we’ll give you a $1000 bonus, no strings attached!

If a trainee jumps at the easy money, they’re not a fit for the company, which seeks employees who are a force to be reckoned with, who live and breathe customer service.

And it works. While the shoe retailer is known for the unusual hiring practice that leads to stellar customer service, Impact Absorbents takes a different approach toward the same goal. We don’t offer employees bonuses to quit, because we’re family, literally a small, family-owned business that prides itself on treating our customers as family.

Naturally, this extends to our customer service and quality products, such as these ten good reasons to use XSORB for your business. Aside from being easy, fast, safe, and environmentally friendly, our products actually help improve staff morale.

How? Nobody wants to mop up spills. And spill clean up isn’t just messy; it can be dangerous, what with broken glass and slippery liquids all over the floor. XSORB alleviates these issues while saving you time and money, by reducing labor costs and getting your employees back to work in five minutes vs. the typical twenty.

Because we’ve developed our spill containment and spill clean up solutions with you in mind, we’ve “walked a mile in your shoes.” While what we sell has nothing to do with footwear, XSORB is a shoo-in to “zap” away spills. You can save steps and energy by ordering exactly what you need, by industry, application, or product type.

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