Chemical leak in school quickly resolved in Utah

Around 6 a.m., in Midvale, Utah, a school custodian noticed a strong chemical smell from the swimming pool area inside the Jordan Valley School, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

A rather small leak was discovered in tubing connecting a container of hydrochloric acid to a pump, reported the Unified Fire Authority Spokesman Cliff Burningham. The strong smelling acid was immediately handled by a Hazmat team. It was found that ground and air samples were all within normal limits, concluded the source.

School systems have to quickly eliminate toxic leaks that happen on campus, even when children are out on winter vacation. Supplies, such as the XSORB Acid Neutralizing Absorbent bag can help quickly contain leaks of any size.

The absorbent device is non-leaching, eco-friendly and quickly remedies acidic solutions. When keeping public spaces safe, school officials and firefighters need a reliable solution. XSORB provides numerous products that can be used to contain caustic spills.

Facilities that house children need devices on hand that can immediately solve issues dealing with toxic solutions. Being exposed to certain chemicals can have negative consequences, and the right absorbent devices can prevent those leaks from growing out of hand. 

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