Cleanup crews should outfit themselves with quality protective gear

All across the United States, caustic spills cause traffic delays, halt business and pose potential threats to community safety. The cleanup crews who are deployed to contain these leaks often are equipped with a wide array of absorbent devices to neutralize the solutions. However, even with top-of-the-line formulas and containers, workers have the potential of getting injured while on the job.

Environmental cleanup efforts are diverse by nature. What techniques one group uses varies from the next. But each worker needs to have his or her own safety in mind. Wearing the appropriate clothing can help prevent injuries from exposure to chemical compounds. Having the proper gear may help protect workers in sensitive situations. 

The Economical Tyvek® QC coverall with zipper has an attached hood and elastic wrists and ankles to help keep acidic properties off of the skin. Workers can outfit themselves in these coveralls to remain protected while attempting to neutralize environmental spills. When it comes to protecting the community and staying safe at the same time, having the best protective gear should be a standardized practice by all agencies. 

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