December Redux: A Health and Safety Foreshadowing

Two years ago, just prior to COVID-19 rearing its ugly head around the globe, OSHA issued a mandate designed to minimize exposure to hazardous drugs in health care settings.

Given what transpired shortly after this December 1, 2019 implementation deadline, it was a prescient practice. Healthcare companies with greater safety protocols, personal protection, and engineering controls in place had the edge when the virus upended life as we know it, turning every business everywhere on Earth into the equivalent of a hazardous pharmaceutical setting, but flipped: the hazard was not the treatment, but the cause.

Now that we’ve been navigating the pandemic for almost two years, with USP <800> in place, it’s a timely moment to review how these standards benefit health care workers and pharmacies. Impact Absorbents was ideally positioned to support this initiative, with our Spill Hero Hazardous Drug Kits (Basic and Deluxe versions), providing the resources necessary for drug waste clean up and disposal for both compounding and non-compounding pharmacies.

Both Kits include:

  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) and tools to keep your employees safe and protected during hazardous drug interactions
  • All necessary supplies for spill clean up and disposal of hazardous drugs
  • Rx Destroyer media and XSORB Plus Super Encapsulator with Disinfectant
  • Simplified step-by step instructions for quick and easy set-up.

We’re living in unprecedented times, and the entire planet has rolled with the unexpected. That’s a testament to human resilience. Impact Absorbents is proud to have contributed in helping to keep health care workers — our frontline heroes — safer as they stepped up to support us all as we wend our way back to a healthier society. 

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