Don’t Faint! We’ve Got Your Spills Well In Hand

While a fan of Queen B (that’s Beyonce) fainted in ecstasy after she held his hand and hugged him at her recent concert, as manager of an event center you may be more likely to faint at the sight of your stadium after the show. But take heart: Impact Absorbents offers 30 spill clean up solutions for event centers, from the XSORB II Disinfecting Encapsulator Bag, which absorbs liquids on contact, turning difficult liquid waste into solid waste for easier disposal, to the XSORB Universal Spill Safety Center Double Pack, a spill clean up tour-de-force that includes everything you could possibly need to respond to a spill situation. Our wall-mountable rack holds:

  • 20 FiberLink Safety-Yellow heavy-weight bonded pads in dispenser box
  • 4 FiberLink 48-inch Universal Socks in dispenser box
  • A 6-quart container of XSORB Spill Clean-Up Absorbent
  • Biohazard Response Kit
  • Full-length broom
  • Dustpan and short-handled brush
  • Disposal bags
  • Illustrated instructions

In fact, while it’s not likely to go viral the way the Beyonce fainting fan video has, XSORB’s spill center instructional video shows you just how simple it is to blot up and sweep away sticky, messy, runny spills in no time, leaving floors and walkways clean, dry, and free from dangerous residue. So stay calm when overwrought event center attendees drop their corndogs or knock over soda cups in a frenzy to get close to their idol. XSORB spill clean up is easy enough that you may want to hug us for it though a happy email will suffice.

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