The Poly Sisters: Who Can Help You Best?

Determining which polypropylene product is best for your chemical spill clean up need can feel like learning the Periodic Table of Elements: Hydrogen, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon

To make your spill clean up much easier, we’ve compiled this Chemical Guide for Poly Products, which lists 134 chemicals and whether you’d be best served by an Oil-Only or Universal Polypropylene solution. You might think of it as the Poly Sisters, fraternal twins who are looking out for your best interests.

Suppose you’re in the automotive repair industry for example, dealing daily with motor oil, brake fluid and lubricating oil. You might assume Oil-Only Polypropylene would be the absorbent of choice, but Impact’s Universal Polypropylene can also be used in such circumstances. Check out our Grease Police Universal Poly-Backed Mat, so versatile it can be used to collect leaks under automobiles and other vehicles, as well as to provide a soft protective covering for workbenches and other work areas. With its impermeable moisture barrier, Grease Police absorbs and holds any oil or water-based liquid. You can even cut it to fit the bottom of trash compactors to clear up messy garbage leaks, place it under paint buckets to prevent unnecessary clean-ups, and use it on floors and entryways to prevent tracking. Wow!

In fact, while there are many instances where either Oil-Only or Universal Polypropylene products can be used interchangeably, there are virtually NO cases in which you can’t use a Universal Polypropylene product that’s why it’s called “Universal”. Whether your spill involves paraffin or propanol, benzene or butyric acid, there’s a Universal spill absorbent solution to every problem. Though it may sound a trifle cosmic, once you use XSORB’s polypropylene products, you’ll discover it’s very down to earth just one more component of what we call The XSORB Advantage.

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