Eco-Logical: Puttin’ On the Green

Everybody’s talking about being green these days, but they’re not comparing landscaping companies. This green is invisible, except for the health factor: your business, employees and the planet will all be healthier as your business becomes greener.

Impact Absorbents can assist. Our environmentally friendly sorbents raise the bar on quality. Consider Coldform. Since introducing Coldform more than a decade ago the industry’s first high performance oil-only and universal alternative sorbent line we’ve made continuous improvements.

This latest version is earth-friendly, largely non-oil based, and made from American-grown renewable and recycled resources, not virgin scraps from the factory floor. Our unique, high-tech processes and earth-friendly chemistry have led to significant performance upgrades. Advanced technology expands the fibers and gives you more surface area for increased absorption speed and capacity.

These renewable pads are up to 40 percent more absorbent than polypropylene, requiring just one-third the amount of energy to produce compared to Poly products. And they conform to the shape of the spill. No matter how irregular the spill clean up in question, our pads can take it: crumple them into pipefittings, wrap them around hoses, wipe down barrels Coldform conforms to the shape you need. If only our bodies were this flexible!

So make a commitment to going green, or greener, in 2017. Not only does it rhyme, it’s better for everyone involved. We’re dedicated to doing our part to help your business bring an eco ethos to spill clean up solutions.

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