Erosion continues at Folly Beach

A month-long attempt to restore erosion damage done to Folly Beach by Hurricane Irene has been thwarted by another bout of tempestuous weather. Television station WCBD reported on October 10 that the beach was being eroded by vigorous waves and from heavy raining that lasted a few days.

Contractors placed sand in front of ocean-front homes during the storm, according to ABC News4.

“Any storm that comes through like this, it just kind of furthers the beach erosion,” D.J. Rich, a Folly Beach town councilman, said, according to the media outlet. “It might undermine what we’ve done. I saw one access that we just re-built that was knocked over.”

The city is exploring potential solutions for mitigating the impact that Hurricane Irene had on the beach, WCBD reports. The municipality’s mayor stated that Folly Beach will not have another opportunity to fix the beach until the 2013 budget is made.

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