Foodies: Are You Spill Savvy?

It’s that time of year again: friends and relatives near and far choose to clog the highways and byways of our fine land in an effort to congregate and ingest large quantities of comestibles, then sit back on the couch, groaning, and nod off while watching football games.

Humans are a strange species.

But especially if you’re the one hosting such a gathering, you won’t want to face the mess when your guests (particularly those who are far from fully grown) have a bit too much fun with their food and beverages. Is this why you spent hours in the kitchen?

It’s even more frustrating when it’s a work event. You’ve cooked (or maybe catered) up a storm for your team. And they do enjoy the effort. You can tell by the spills left behind. Sigh.

We feel you. At Impact Absorbents, we also like to eat, and not just in November. Our team is a big, happy family. And like the Wizard of Oz, we can dispense the missing ingredients to provide heart, courage and spill clean up smarts: the premier spill clean up products that will make you exclaim, as you behold your sparkling kitchen (in your home or business), “There’s no place like home!” It’s a bit of poetic license, but we think even Frank Baum would approve: gotta love a nice, clean, safe floor, whether or not it’s the Yellow Brick Road.

The best solution for food or drink ending up where it shouldn’t be? Spill Hero Universal Absorbent. Our flagship product, developed 31 years ago in the Tharps’ garage, is still the singular spill clean up for almost any situation. Our non-toxic, environmentally friendly dry formula absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact, making it easy to simply sweep away spills — and saving you or your company time and money by easily cleaning up oil, grease, syrup and sugary liquids.

Universal is:

  • ECOLOGO Certified
  • FDA approved for use around food and food processing
  • Able to absorb up to 3 quarts — 6.5 times more than clay
  • Non-Toxic, Certified non-leaching

So enjoy your gatherings with long-lost cousins and others you see only rarely. Try to play nice. And when it comes to that exuberant dining or loss of accuracy while watching the game, know that Spill Hero is there, like the Wizard, to make it all right again. You can go home ·(or send the visitors home) to a clean, non-slippery floor. Just tap your heels together three times and log onto



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