Coney Island: A Spill-Safe Place to Live?

Coney Island, located at the tip of Brooklyn, is nicknamed, “Playground of the World,” thanks to its plethora of amusement parks and reputation as a seaside resort town.

But regardless of how much fun people may have when they go there, one outcome is certain: with this much foot traffic, there are going to be spill incidents galore. While we don’t imagine the “Coney” in Coney Island refers to Pocket Safety Cones, we think it’s a worthy concept.

Pocket Safety Cones will keep your business safer, wherever it’s based. They’re the first line of defense against slip and fall accidents. The compact folded size is easy to carry in an apron pocket for quick deployment in a spill situation, where you want to keep other revelers away from that spilled soda or waffle cone that just went splat in front of the ice cream booth. Not a good look for the merchant, though if they have both Pocket Safety Cones and Spill Hero Universal Absorbent in hand, the mishap will be quickly resolved with very few amusement seekers the wiser.

If you’re well versed in being “cone-y,” consider our Spill Station Wire Rack with Spill Response Supplies, a long name for a product that contains everything you need for fast, efficient spill clean up in a bustling environment.

The Spill Hero Spill Station is custom-made to hold our Spill Hero Spill Clean-Up Absorbent(order separately). All clean up items are easily accessible. The Spill Station includes:

  • Wire wall-mount rack
  • Long Handled Broom
  • Pop-up cone
  • Roll of 50 disposal bags
  • Dustpan and brush set

So go ahead, amuse yourself if this is the area or type of business that lights you up. Just know that when it comes to spill clean up, especially in a crowd, you’ll need to get cone-y quickly. And when that happens, whether you work on Coney Island or elsewhere, you’ll want to have Spill Hero safety cones in your pocket. Literally.



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