Forecast: Cloudy and Clear

This is the Age of the Cloud, when the term that once referred to a billowing mass of water vapor wafting gently through the sky now means a virtual storehouse for every imaginable kind of data. We upload the contents of our devices to cyberspace, trusting we’ll be able to access what we need at will, to share across the conference table or across continents. It’s the one location where extreme cloudiness translates to “perfect weather”.

At Impact Absorbents, however, cloudiness has a different meaning: not digital, not atmospheric, but environmental and safety related. If you’re dealing with an oil spill, biohazardous spill, or erosion control issue, you need the appropriate spill clean up and spill containment solutions pronto, to turn that “cloudy” situation crystal clear in no time.

We’re on it. While Impact Absorbents has nothing to do with meteorology, through leading-edge technology and research we’ve created a full line of spill and safety solutions to meet every “weather condition”: over 500 separate products for spill management, erosion control, stormwater protection, personal protection equipment, rooftop grease protection, spill accessories, and safety.

As a leader in the absorbent and safety industry, Impact continues to pioneer highly effective, economical products that prove safe for your business and the environment. We’re dedicated to making a difference difference a difference in the control and environmentally safe management of hazardous and non-hazardous spills.

So while the Cloud is a terrific resource when you’re working online, here in the physical world, you can rely on Impact Absorbents for spill clean up emergencies. We’ll never let “cloudy” days get you down.


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