Galveston Island in danger of being swamped by rising seas

Scientists at Rice University recently revealed a study indicating that Galveston Island’s west end is rather vulnerable to the weather conditions, and should be abandoned.

The report, which was researched and written by the school’s Shell Center for Sustainability, states that the island’s economy should focus on the value it can derive from tourism, according to the Houston Chronicle. The study indicates that the shape of the island makes the east end a much better area for economic development, KUT News reports.

“The west end of the island is low, and that makes it more susceptible to storm surge and breaching,” John Anderson, Rice University oceanography professor told the media outlet. “It’s also experiencing erosion rates of three to five feet a year, and during major storms those rates can easily be 10 times that amount in a single event.”

The authors suggested that the island widen its port to allow for the docking of a new line of super cargo ships that will be able to fit through an expanded Panama Canal, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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