Georgia’s Coweta County purchases Hazmat truck to improve chemical spill cleanup response

Georgia’s Coweta County could see an improvement in response time if chemical leaks occur in the future thanks to its fire department’s new Hazmat response truck. The Times-Herald reports the county purchased the emergency response vehicle for just over $600,000 to show hazardous materials from a bird’s eye perspective, and make work easier for firefighters.

The Hazmat truck features state-of-the-art equipment including a large television monitor, 30-foot telescoping pole and a high-powered camera on top. Department Cptn. Bryan Minix told the news source the vehicle could help handle the environmental cleanup of chemical spills by helping fire officials develop a plan of action to control dangerous leaks.

Fire officials may seek the most advanced tools available to handle hazardous chemicals. Purchasing the XSORB universal sock can help firefighters maintain control of leaks that can harm people and damage property.

Hazmat professionals can absorb liquid and semi-liquid solutions on contact using the solution that features a non-toxic, eco-friendly formula. The absorbent allows users to sweep away tough oil, grease and syrup spills. It is FDA approved for use around food, and is capable of absorbing up to 1.5 quarts. 

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