Going to Extremes

Ocean temperatures like bath water. Flooding in Vermont. Smoky skies over Central Park, resembling the worst of California’s wildfires.

We’re living in extreme times: heat, fire, flood. It’s a little scary.

Ben Zaitchik, professor in the Earth and planetary sciences department at Johns Hopkins University, says of the extreme events, “All of this is entirely consistent with what greenhouse gas warming does and is in line with the trends we expect. Still there’s something that feels surprising — emotionally surprising — when you see these happening with increasing frequency and severity.”

We suggest staying smart: drink lots of water. Don’t make fires while camping — or if you do, be sure they are 100 percent out before you leave the site. And maybe keep a kayak handy if you live near any body of water that might overflow its banks.

At Impact Absorbents, we’re doing what we can to keep businesses healthy and safe, this summer and for the past 31 years. If you’re going to be on the road, for instance, be prepared for any of your vehicles fluids to overflow if it overheats. Carry one of our Spill Containment Berms tucked behind your truck seat or in the cab. Think of it as your vehicle’s “raft,” ready to keep you afloat by catching unexpected leaks and spills.

Or maybe you just need to plug the dike, if that’s where the leak originates. Our Universal Vehicle Spill Kit with Plug n’ Dike Pattie is a long name for a compact spill containment solution designed to fit in vehicles for emergency fuel and hazardous spill clean up. Each kit absorbs up to eight gallons, and the 10-ounce jar of Plug N’ Dike immediately seals off gasoline, diesel, solvents, and other chemicals, even on dirty or crumpled surfaces. No preparation necessary.

We wish we could solve the climate crisis and keep everyone safe and healthy at all times. However, if we each take positive action, this will eventually become a reality. In the meantime, with the planet’s weather going to extremes, do what you can to keep spill containment and spill clean up efficient, effective, and non-toxic, with Spill Hero’s 500+ spill solutions for every imaginable spill situation.

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