The FOG That’s Not Due to Weather

Anyone who has spent time in the San Francisco Bay Area during the summer months knows that this is not the time to wear shorts and flip-flops. A San Francisco summer is typically chilly, with fog rolling in from the ocean and temperatures often hovering in the 60s. The in joke is, you can always tell the tourists, because they’re dressed for summer and shivering, while locals are wearing long pants and sweaters, sometimes even coats and boots.

However, there’s another kind of FOG that often occurs in the summer months that has nothing to do with the weather, and while it won’t chill your body, it could ruin your business. We’re speaking about the Fats, Oils and Grease that accumulate in a restaurant rooftop, which can create a fire hazard and even make its way to storm drains, creating a mess that can leave your business open to expensive fines.

Fortunately, Spill Hero has the solution: Grease Catcher. Our revolutionary Grease Catcher Containment System® protects your kitchen roof by catching and absorbing grease and oils that drip from your exhaust fan, before they can cause damage and drama.

The Grease Catcher System includes XSORB Grease Pillows, which protect roofs from harmful fats, oils and grease (FOG). Specifically formulated to maximize grease containment and absorbency, they’re the ultimate spill containment system for your restaurant roof. The entire system is lightweight, easy to install, and hydrophobic, meaning it will repel water and not rust.

So whether you’re visiting the Bay Area this summer or cooking up a storm for patrons elsewhere in the country, be sure to steer clear of the FOG with the Grease Catcher System. After all, a FOG emergency of the restaurant variety might make you sweat, but it’s smarter to install roof protection and dress for the weather.

Just remember: San Francisco in summer = jacket and jeans.


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