Good to Garden

Summer’s here, and for many folks, that means gardening. There’s nothing quite like lemons from a lemon tree, or blueberries from blueberry bushes, that you’ve planted yourself. And pruning those seven varieties of roses is a joy especially because an urban garden means no mowing, so it’s ecological as well as a feast for the senses.

But what about those pest and weed control products you’ve kept in the shed you know, the bottle of poison the cat just knocked over? Uh-oh.

This is a job for XSORB! When you’re staring at a spill clean up emergency, there’s no time to run for paper towels or a mop, which are ineffective anyway. Fortunately, you’re spill-savvy, and have a XSORB Universal Express Spill Kit right there on the shelf. Smart move.

With an XSORB Spill Kit, you can clean up spills on the spot. It’s easy to use, convenient and best of all, supremely effective. The kit fits under or behind the driver’s seat to comply with local and state laws, so professional gardeners can keep one on hand as they travel from job to job.

Each Kit contains a two-pound bag of XSORB Universal Spill Clean-Up, FiberLink Absorbent Socks, ten FiberLink Sorbent Pads, temporary disposal bags, hazmat labels, a pair of Disposable Nitrile Protective Gloves, mask, safety goggles, and a dustpan and brush set.

When it comes to protection from thorns or berry juice, however, you’re on your own unless, of course, you’re wearing a pair of Impact Absorbents’ protective gloves.

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