Greasing The Wheels of Industry

Does driving a school bus keep you young? Perhaps. Zilpha Nowlin, who just celebrated her 102 birthday, used to be a school bus driver. Now she swims every day. Clearly, she’s one fit centenarian. Then again, all those years she drove a bus, she wasn’t responsible for maintaining it, changing the oil, repairing leaks and drips, and so on.

That’s where we come in. While most of the bus drivers and other transportation industry professionals Impact Absorbents serves are quite a bit younger than Ms. Nowlin, they all share a dedication to keeping the buses, trucks, cars and other vehicles they use in top running condition. And we provide the products they need to do this, quickly and effectively.

Whether you’re driving across town or across the country, it’s always wise to tote a spill berm. Our portable berms fill the need for compact, rugged spill containment. These berms stow easily behind the truck seat or in the cab of most equipment, making them readily available to catch unexpected leaks and spills. They’ll also stand up to hot automotive fluids including oil, brake fluid, diesel, gasoline, coolants and acids.

Berms can be pre-fitted with a disposable absorbent pad for fast and easy clean up. After disposing of the used pad according to local regulations, simply wipe the berm dry, refold, and stow it away for future use.

If you typically drive in windy conditions, consider keeping a bag of XSORB Edge Aggressive Absorbent in your truck bed. As its name implies, XSORB Edge cleans up the toughest spills in a hurry, cutting through liquids and lifting them from the surface so you can easily scrub away synthetic oils, petroleum, hydraulic fluids and fuel spills. XSORB’s aggressive wicking action makes it a superior cleaner and the dark gray color blends with surroundings to leave no visible residue. It’s non-toxic to both humans and the environment, and exceeds landfill regulations for proper disposal.

While your work greases the wheels of industry, we’ll “grease” your transport, making sure no grease or other spills mar your vehicle, wherever it takes you.

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