How NOT to Go Viral

Going viral online is a big deal. But going viral IRL (that’s in real life, when you’re not on social media) is something everyone would rather avoid. Right now, especially, “going viral” holds ominous meaning.

With the hullabaloo about coronavirus, people have become more cautious than ever about preventing infection: washing their hands, wearing masks, and staying away from those who are sneezing or coughing. Disinfecting surfaces has also been a hotter topic than in prior years.

We understand just how important health and safety are in every environment. This is the essence of our business: keeping you, your customers, and your team safe from slip-and-fall accidents and contamination from hazardous substances. And biohazards are just as serious a danger as chemicals and other toxic substances.

If you work in an environment where biohazards are likely, depend on the Spill Hero Biohazard Response Kit with Facemask and Gloves. Our convenient and economical kit has everything you need to clean up blood and body fluids, while protecting and disinfecting the entire area. And our Spill Hero Biohazard Response Kit isfully compliant with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.

The Biohazard Clean-Up Kit pairs well with XSORB Plus Disinfecting Encapsulator. XSORB Plus instantly contains, absorbs and disinfects liquids on contact, enabling you to simply sweep spills away, leaving surfaces spotless.

You can depend on XSORB Plus to absorb even the toughest spills, such as blood and other biologically hazardous waste, while treating the spill with bromine, a powerful disinfecting agent. It’s approved for use by public facilities, meat packing plants, hospitals, hazmat response teams, schools, hotels, and many businesses. And because XSORB Plus is non-leaching, it’s approved for proper landfill disposal.

So be smart about contagion this season, and when you do need to contain or clean up a biohazard spill, reach for the Impact Absorbents solutions that continue to stand the test of time: disinfecting to the highest possible degree, to keep infection at bay.

Now you can focus your energy on getting your business to go viral.


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