How to Clean Up Graduation Glee

Remember graduation? Not the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony itself, but the exuberance that follows. Soda on the ceiling, ground-in granules of unidentified edibles on the floor.

If this sounds like a television commercial, many parents feel that way after hosting a grad night celebration. While it’s better to have those teens under your roof than out somewhere as unidentifiable as the spills, it’s not so much fun to face the music, figuratively speaking, in your rec room the next day. It looks more like a wreck room. And while your grad would be happy to help clean up (wouldn’t h/she, Mom?) try dragging your offspring out of bed before noon. Obviously, spill clean up falls to the one who has been cleaning up after the kids for eighteen years.

XSORB is made for times like these. Our Universal Spill Clean-up Bottle is a six-quart antidote to a twelve-pack of pop, as well as any other food or beverage that ended up on the floor rather than down the hatch. Whether the grad party detritus involves syrupy, sugary liquids or the residue from oily, greasy fries and chips, XSORB’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly formula will absorb it, making it easy to sweep away. Your rec room floor will be clean, dry, and non-slippery before that graduate greets the sun.

Did somebody (or several somebodies) attempt to stuff a wee bit too much into their stomachs? Impact Absorbents is prepared for this spill clean up emergency, too. Biofresh Disinfecting Super Absorbent easily cleans up biohazard spills such as vomit, blood and other body fluids while treating the spill with a powerful disinfecting agent. And of course, like all XSORB products, it’s completely safe to use.

We wish your graduates, or any graduating teens or twenty-somethings you know, the very best as they set out to make their mark on the world. We’re doing our part to ensure they don’t leave unintended reminders of their graduation glee behind.


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