How to Delete Spills Promptly

Staying safe can be a challenge these days.

With our digital footprint out there for anyone to acquire, it’s easy to fall prey to scams. Especially at his time of year, when people ship packages coast to coast and to every point in between.

One popular digital virus is a UPS/Fed Ex/USPS “DeliveryFailure”.

The recipient gets a message from one of these trusted delivery services, saying they wereunable to deliver a package sent on such-and-such a date. Itthen asks you to print the attached invoice.

Most people know never to click on any link or attachment in a suspicious email. But if you think it’s real, or, in a typical year-end rush, don’t read the sender’s address carefully, you could click on the “invoice” thereby launching a virus.

We sympathize. Even the most astute among us can fall victim to these wily scammers.

While we can’t help you with digital dangers, we’re very good at alleviating physical ones. Such as that dangerous spill in Aisle 4. Paper towels or a mop are not going to cut it.

One of the best universal spill clean up solutions is ourXSORB Universal Spill Center Double Pack, which containseverything you need to respond to spills safely, easily and quickly. It’s highly visible, making supplies easy to find and decreasingresponse time.

Whether you own agrocery or retailestablishment, work in anevent center, orhealth care setting, a spill kit helps get mishaps under control in an efficient, economical, and eco-friendly manner. Where health and safety are paramount, Impact Absorbents has you covered.

Which means you’ll have a bit more time to read those email messages, and send the spam to the trash. Then you can take the same action we apply to spills: Delete!


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