Celebrity Baby Boom: Who’ll Clean Up the Mess?

Have you observed the recent spate of celebrity babies? Maybe there aren’t any more kids being born than usual, but their names are so unusual, they stand out. In any case, if there’s anything we know about children (and the Impact Absorbents family has its share of them!) it’s that they tend to leave a bit of a mess in their wake.

Celebrities, of course, generally have a support staff to deal with such matters. The rest of us DIY. Fortunately, whether you’re cleaning up a mess at home, at work, or on the road, we have the products you need.

Kid Clean Up, Simplified

For instance, let’s say it’s the little tyke’s birthday. Prior to a certain age, about five, any parties held are more for the parents than the kids, who may be ecstatic to rip the wrapping off gifts, but otherwise behave exactly as they do every other day.

Suppose the children are diving into slices of cake with a side of ice cream while the parents are sipping sodas or coffee. (Really, we couldn’t have devised a better spills-waiting-to-happen scenario if we’d brainstormed for weeks.) In short order, someone will either drop food, spill liquid, or perhaps expel the contents of their overly-full tummy onto your lovely floor.

No worries. The floor will be lovely again in no time. Simply summon your housekeeper or nanny and point them to theBiofresh Biohazard Kit.

Oh, sorry, we were thinking of celebrities again. Whip out your Biofresh Kit and dispose of that mess in a jiffy. Watch thisone-minute videoto see how easy it is to clean, dry, and sanitize any space from a biohazard spill.

Or maybe you brought your preschool age child to work, because your spouse had an out of town meeting, the sitter cancelled, and your office is child-friendly. Until the child gets into the lunchroom while you’re on an important call, that is (howdothey move so fast?). So there’s olive oil and ketchup on the floor, and a lovely art project is emerging from the mess. Um.

FiberDuck Bonded Oil Absorbent Rollto the rescue. Infinitely better than paper towels, FiberDuckconstruction provides extra absorbency, making it ideal for spills on water or land. Extremely durable, these heavyweight pads are perforated, so you use only what you need, reducing waste.There, that’s better.

We love our kids, and know you love yours just as much. And when they get into what kids get into, we’re glad we created the XSORB family of spill clean up solutions, famous for non-toxic, effective, eco-friendly spill containment. There are many ways to be a celebrity.


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