How to Have a Healthier Hospital in 2016

To the public, hospitals are perceived as the place you go when your health needs help: for surgery, or after an accident, or if you become seriously ill.

Yet hospital staff know that while hospitals are a place to get well, they can also harbor hidden hazards. What patients typically don’t see are the spills and biohazard clean up that goes on behind the scenes. These spill events can make hospitals dangerous, if doctors and other health professionals are racing to save a life and slip on a wet floor.

Fortunately, Impact Absorbents is experienced in keeping patients and personnel safe, with biohazard spill kits and spill clean up supplies that save time, labor, money, and possibly lives in the bargain.

One signature product is our XSORB II Disinfecting Encapsulator 6 quart Bottle, which instantly contains, absorbs and disinfects liquids, absorbing up to fourteen time its weight. XSORB Disinfecting Encapsulator absorbs tough spills such as blood and other biologically hazardous waste while treating the spill with bromine, a powerful disinfecting agent. The clean up team can simply sweep spills away, leaving hospital floors, corridors and other surfaces dry, spotless and safe.

Spill kits are very popular in medical settings, because they can be handily stored in areas where they’re most likely to be needed. One spill kit especially useful in hospitals is the XSORB Biohazard Absorbent Personal Protection Pack, a complete biohazard clean up kit that contains everything necessary to clean, protect and disinfect: a protective suit with shoe covers, facemask with eyeshield, a pair of high risk protective gloves, and a red biohazard disposal bag.

We appreciate the dedication of those who choose to work in the health professions. At Impact Absorbents, we’re dedicated to providing the spill clean up solutions that help make hospital workers’ lives easier and hospitals even healthier, behind the scenes.

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