How to Treat Yourself Well This Winter

It’s chilly outside, the heated indoor air is drying out your sinuses, and it’s challenging to get back into a healthy eating groove after the holidays.

So with the best of intentions, you bring your staff goodie bags, like those given out at events and store openings, to help brighten their January days. You splurge on hand lotion and bath oils, and top it off by arranging to have the juice bar down the street deliver yummy green smoothies to the office every morning for the next month.

You’re a fabulous boss. And your team really appreciates the effort. Maybe a little too much. Because the remains of several smoothies now grace the lunchroom tables and floor, and those luscious hand lotions have left their oily residue on a number of surfaces. Ick.

Fortunately, you’re an Impact Absorbents customer as well as a compassionate business owner and you keep XSORB Xpress Universal Spill Kits in strategic locations, so food, drink, and product spills such as lotion, coffee, smoothies, salad dressing and more are easy to simply sweep away.

Each convenient, effective and economical Spill Kit contains a complete spill clean up solution, including:

We admire your positive action to ameliorate winter weather, and are glad to be able to help you keep your team happy during the colder months. We know you appreciate Impact Absorbents. Feel free to send us some green smoothies. We’re well prepared.

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