Hungry for Safety

It’s the heart of summer, and nobody wants to cook. Restaurant owners relish the surge in business that summer signals. But they’re not so fond of the spills and splats that accompany kids like faithful dogs. Fortunately, we’re experts in spill clean up not just for restaurants, but for any business where spill mishaps are a fact of life.

Consider the XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom. As its name implies, this tidy collection of essential spill clean up tools contains everything you need to sweep away spills in seconds, from XSORB Spill Clean up Absorbent to dustpan and brush set, disposal bags, pop-up safety cone and, of course, the long-handled broom. Quicker than a parent can chastise little Tommy for throwing his mashed potatoes on your eatery’s parquet floor, the mess will be history and the meal can continue in relative peace.

What if the challenge isn’t with customers, but with your establishment itself? What exactly are you doing with the excess fat, oil and grease from those juicy hamburgers and all-beef wieners your kitchen prepares?

If you’ve been storing the greasy build-up on your restaurant roof, it’s time to get acquainted with the Grease Catcher System. The roof may be a cool place to spend time when the temperature sizzles, but it’s not cool to keep grease and oil up there in a haphazard fashion. With XSORB’s rooftop grease protection system you’ll never have to worry about spill clean up, because this lightweight, easy to use containment unit puts an end to dangerous FOG (fats, oil and grease) spills. And by containing all that cooking excess, Grease Catcher also protects drains.

So cook up a delicious and profitable summer repertoire for all the hungry patrons who’ve fled their kitchens for your welcoming door. They’re hungry for the fresh food you serve and with XSORB in your corner, you’ll never hunger for restaurant spill safety.


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