Keeping Track

Spring is a wonderful time for track and field. And that means tracking not just your team’s success, but mud and other debris into the house, or your office (if you exercise midday at work, let’s say) or even into your nice, clean truck (this might be a bit of a oxymoron, but you get the picture). Perhaps most importantly, you don’t want to track any kind of waste around work areas, roadways, or other industrial settings.

XSORB can help you keep track, with XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose. Available in a 6.5 gallon UN-approved bucket, it’s a sturdy, weather-proof way to transport twenty pounds of XSORB Outdoor in all types of work trucks, tow trucks, fire trucks, municipality trucks, DOT trucks, or any other vehicle or application where you need a sturdy way to transport absorbent.

Our Outdoor All-Purpose formula is suitable for all types of liquids and semi-liquids, indoors or outdoors, even in light windy conditions (such as on that track and field team or the freeway). It absorbs six times more than clay; meets all FDA, EPA, OSHA, and USDA requirements, and, best of all, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

With XSORB, you’ll save time and energy that can be put to good use later on, when you lead your work team to victory in the field.

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