Learning Curve

It’s back-to-school season, and while kids everywhere sigh and wish for just a few more days of summer freedom, we know a lot of them love learning and look forward to what they’ll discover in the classroom this year.

Because, of course, growing up is a process, as our brains and bodies develop over time. A few five-year-olds can do calculus (and they’re the geniuses who go to college by age 12) but most start with basic arithmetic.

In the same way, spill clean up can be a learning curve for business owners. It’s not something you know instinctively, unless you’re in the spill containment field. So you may start out buying whatever spill clean up products you hear about from someone in your industry, and just keep using them out of habit.

Smarter Spill Clean Up

But spill clean up is more than a numbers game, more than how many gallons of product you need to clean that shop floor, event center or raceway. Smart spill clean up is also about protecting the environment waterways, workspaces, and people themselves from the toxics contained in many spill clean up products.

Which is where XSORB comes in.

XSORBis a non-toxic, natural blend of minerals and other inert ingredients that we combine to make the most impressive absorbent on the market today. XSORB is non-leaching, meaning absorbed liquid is captured and held indefinitely within the XSORB granule. It willneverbiodegrade, keeping hazardous materials out of our groundwater and ecosystem permanently.

Best of all, XSORB is harmless for humans, plants, and animals. It’s even FDA approved for use in US food establishments, and by the Food Production and Inspection Branch of Agriculture and Agri-Food in Canada.

Do the math: ounce for ounce, Impact Absorbents is the smartest spill clean up solution you’ll come across. Go to the head of the class!

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