Missouri waterways could receive environmental cleanup assistance from state program

Missouri has taken a proactive approach to cleaning up its waterways and eliminating soil erosion with an innovative program, according to Des Moines Register. The Soil & Water Conservation Program gives farmers the opportunity to improve their lands with incentives from the state.

The plan provides financial benefits to landowners who promote conservation practices in the community. For example, a farmer could take steps to prevent soil erosion and protect water resources to reduce topsoil concerns. In doing so, landowners keep the state’s fields and waters pure, and improves the area’s natural resources.

Environmental cleanup is a priority in this program, and landowners may invest in erosion control products to improve their land’s quality. A straw wattle offers farmers an economical solution they can use to control soil erosion and retain sediments on slopes.

Each wattle features high-density polyethlene and ethyl vinyl acetate with UV inhibitors, providing a strong product that can keep soil in place near drain inlets. This helps prevent sediment blockage, which can reduce soil erosion significantly. The item offers reliability, serving the needs of landowners nationwide. 

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