National Safety Month: Stay Safe Out There!

June is many things: a favorite month to get married, the start of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), the season of inconvenience for parents who did not have the foresight to enroll their energetic offspring in camp.

But from a business perspective, perhaps the most crucial significance for June is that it’s National Safety Month, which is focused on “reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities, through leadership, research, education and advocacy,” according to the National Safety Council.

The NSC recommends that employers creatively engage their team and communities this June, with ideas such as: 

  • Distributing downloadable National Safety Month materials
  • Creating newsletters or blog posts (like this one!)
  • Holding a safety trivia contest with weekly prizes
  • Identifying (and remedying) hazards where you work and live
  • Encouraging others to take the SafeAtWork pledge
  • Sharing posts on your social media channels using #NSM
  • Providing safety training.

To learn more about how to promote safety at your workplace, read the highly informative Safety+Health, the official magazine of the NSC Congress.

How to Skip the Slip in June, and Beyond 

Here at Impact Absorbents, safety and solutions are our watchwords. One of our best safety solutions is the XSORB Universal Spill Safety Spill Center – Double Pack, which contains everything you could possibly need to respond to spills quickly, easily, efficiently, and economically.

You’ll probably also want to order a companion product, the Pocket Safety Cone, the first line of defense against slip and fall accidents. The neon orange color, coupled with an image of someone who’s ignored the cone and fallen, send a clear signal: “Stay away. Spill clean up in progress!”

If you’re handling hazardous materials, protect your body and clothes with our PVC Chemical Resistant Apron. Its sun-yellow color and mid-calf length assure the wearer this is no kitchen smock; it’s meant for heavy-duty spill containment protection.

Another excellent all-in-one product for spill safety this month (or any month) is our Biofresh Biohazard Kit, which will vanquish blood, urine, vomit, and more, faster than someone can say, “Thank you, the party’s not ruined!” 

In fact, Impact Absorbents has more than 500 spill clean up and spill containment solutions to meet your varied needs. So stock up this month, and look forward to a safe, clean, healthy summer.

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