No Slip Ups: Smart Spill Clean up Resolutions

It makes good business sense to start a new year with new materials at your fingertips. Such as XSORB Granular Absorbent. Our flagship product defines what a business wants to aim for in a new year: efficiency, environmental integrity, cost effectiveness in short, exactly what you need to brighten gray January days, especially when it comes to spill clean up. And while top products are very important, putting a New Year’s plan in place will enhance all your marketing efforts.

To help you fulfill to resolutions you’ll love to keep, we’ve compiled a handful of handy business-building ideas to brighten your commitment to customers and staff in 2015:

  1. Define your company culture. What does your business stand for? What are your vision and values? Does your staff support these criteria? This is the bedrock upon which everything you do as a business is built. At Impact Absorbents, for example, we’ve been committed to spill clean up, safety and environmental stewardship since our founding more than 22 years ago. This mission has helped us become industry leaders, pioneering highly effective, economical, environmentally safe products via leading edge technology, research, and training.
  2. Attract and retain top talent. Your people are your business; their service is what people buy. Create industry-specific programs now that will help you:

    • Show your appreciation. Consider sending handwritten thank-you notes, a rarity in today’s email and text-message world that will make your company stand out.
    • Cross-train key people in order to offer clients more comprehensive service and boost employee marketability.
    • Up their game. Send stellar employees to seminars and continuing education programs that help them grow professionally. If you invest in them, they’ll invest in your business!
  3. Increase profits and efficiency. You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule: 20 percent of your clients generate 80 percent of your sales. So spend more of your time and energy with customers who need and appreciate your business and buy from you regularly.
  4. Become tech savvy. Though spill clean up itself is somewhat low tech, Impact Absorbents utilizes the latest technology to bring you products that trump the tried-and-cumbersome. While other businesses still resort to mops, buckets and paper towels for spill clean up, Impact Absorbents customers reduce slip and fall claims, save time and labor costs and boost sales by using state-of-the-spill clean up products created with customer service in mind.
  5. Listen deeply. What are your customers telling you they want? How can you focus your service and sales efforts in 2015 to deliver it to them?

Here’s to a profitable, engaging, and collaborative new year!



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