Players for the Planet

Believe it or not, there’s a National Petroleum Day — conveniently situated at the end of summer, when Americans have been on the road for several months.

But it’s not just about celebrating car culture. The day is also an opportunity to explore biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, and look for ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Impact Absorbents has been on the oil spill clean up train since our inception nearly 30 years ago. We make a multitude of poly sorbents designed to remove oil from land and from the marine environment, from Absorbent Pads to Absorbent Rolls, Absorbent Socks to Absorbent Booms to Absorbent Pillows.

While you may think the vast majority of oil spills happen on waterways, just the opposite is true: most oil spills happen on land as a result of vehicle or equipment failure, and typically when least expected, because who plans for an oil spill?

If someone is ill equipped to deal with an oil spill emergency, that’s a real disaster, on land or water. This is where we can help. By stocking up on oil spill containment and oil spill clean up products before you travel for business or pleasure, in a car, truck, or boat, you’ll be better prepared for an unfortunate petroleum surprise.

We discovered another interesting August event: World Humanitarian Day, August 19th. We think one excellent way to be a humanitarian is to become a player for the planet, helping to protect and maintain healthy oceans, rivers, roadways, and air.

Because, like us, you’ve no doubt heard the rallying cry: “There is no Planet B.”



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