Prevent water runoff with GutterGuard

In November, certain regions of the nation experienced above-average precipitation due to several storm systems that damped the grounds and flooded the streets. According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, eight states had November precipitation totals ranking among their ten wettest in history.

Homeowners who have experienced an extensive amount of rainfall this Fall should take the proper measure to prevent further damages from affecting their property. With the Winter months approaching, it is important to consider the disadvantages that come when a large snowfall melts and begins to run into drain systems.

The GutterGuard® is a synthetic filter that is manufactured from recycled synthetic fibers. Homeowners who are experiencing unfavorable runoffs due to rainfall can help keep their neighborhood gutters clean and free of excess dirt and materials.

The GutterGuard® is easy to use and an inexpensive Best Management Practice (BMP) for protecting curb inlets from catching buildup. Homeowners can prevent further damage from affecting their property and the neighboring streets, simply by using the GutterGuard® whenever an above-average rainfall is projected to affect an area. The proper devices can help make excess water runoff a minimal task to cleanup.

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