Stop the free flow of oil with a FiberLink Universal Boom

On Monday, Megellan Midstream Partners, a Nebraskan company that owns several regional pipelines, estimated that 6,000 barrels of gasoline, diesel fuel and aircraft fuel spilled from ruptures that were found in their system. Fortunately, the estimated volume was reduced to 2,834 barrels by Tuesday.

The ruptured pipelines were repaired shortly after they were discovered, and the flow of oil was reinstated to stations located in Omaha, Bellevue, Sioux City, Lincoln and Donipha, all well populated regions in Nebraska.

Megellan now faces an extensive cleanup process that requires the use of several absorbent devices, such as booms, pillows and socks.

Officials are employing their best efforts to resolve the situation, but the entire process could be made easier by using products offered by Impact Absorbent, such as the FiberLink Universal Boom. The thick absorbent materials are designed to block running liquids from flowing freely into undesirable areas, like waterways and drains. The FiberLink Universal Boom helps to properly handle sensitive situations where the containment of oil is vital.

In instances where a quick and efficient cleanup is necessary, Impact Absorbent and their versatile line of fast-acting cleanup supplies can truly make all of the difference. 

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