Selling Your Home? Make It Shine!

Cleaning. Few of us like to do it, yet we seem more willing to spiff up our house for others than for ourselves. Housekeeper due to arrive? Quick, toss those dirty clothes in the hamper. In-laws invited for dinner? Polish the silver and run the vacuum!

Selling your home? Pull out all the stops. Take an old toothbrush to the grout! Get those old grease stains out with XSORB Universal Spill Cleanup! Should we paint the exterior?

Here at Impact Absorbents, we encourage our customers to enjoy a clean, comfortable house while they own it and take all available measures to make it shine for a quick sale at the right price. So a paint job might be just the ticket. Yet even the most careful home improvement do-it-yourselfer may need a little spill cleanup assistance. Which is where we come in.

XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener keeps you from being caught between a rock and a hard place once the painting’s finished. Non-toxic and eco-friendly, Rock Solid Paint Hardener is the best option for quick, easy and safe spill cleanup and disposal of all latex and acrylic paints. Just add Rock Solid to leftover paint, shake or stir and, quicker than you can say, “Presto-change-o”, watch as your leftover paint hardens into a disposable solid.

Rock Solid will harden up to three gallons of water-based paint and is acceptable at all landfills, simplifying disposal and decreasing costs.

So when you’re ready to move on, we’re ready to help prep your home for sale to stand out from the crowd, and leave the effort looking professionally spotless. Who knows, the paint job might even impress your mother-in-law when the house sells for a great price.

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