Sock It To Me

Back in the ’60s, socks were quite popular. There were Friday night sock hops, where hip teenagers would kick off their shoes and dance in the gym in their socks. Then there was the catchphrase, “Sock It To Me,” which became a counterculture classic after Aretha Franklin added the refrain to her hit songRespectin 1967.

And in the spill containment industry, socks are so important they have a season all their own. In between spring and summer, there’s a fifth season: Sock Season, so named for the states with rising humidity and hurricanes, and the sweating refrigerators and A/C working overtime everywhere as the temperatures soar into the 80s, 90s, and even tripe digits.

Toeing the line

Which is where Impact Absorbents comes in. We have morevarieties of socksthan the coolest ’60s dancers, and they work up more of a sweat, too. Whether you’re in the business of transportation, food service, environmental protection, health care, or education, we have socks that will toe the line, keeping you dry, safe and protected.

Suppose you’re a long-haul trucker. Or a hospital maintenance employee. Or a teacher. Very different jobs, you might say, and you’d be right. But when it comes to spill clean up, they have one crucial point of convergence: theXSORB Universal Sock. As its name implies, this sock is versatile. It prevents spills and leaks from spreading to sensitive areas such as walkways and drains, containing an absorbing up to 4 quarts of liquid spills or leaks. It’s tough enough for caustic chemicals, mold easily around machinery, and complies with all landfill disposal regulations.

Perhaps you work at a harbor or marina. OurFiberDuck Oil Absorbent Sockis just the ticket here. Hydrophobic so they’ll float indefinitely, FiberDuck socks are ideal for cleaning up small oil spills in water or on land. Which means they’re great for emergency response teams, too.

Is your restaurant gearing up for a slew of summer customers? Be sure to have aFiberLink Caution Orange Universal Sockon hand for those unexpected leaks, drips, and spill emergencies. FiberLink socks mold around barrels ad machinery to trap sudden leaks, and their bright orange color ensures the spill is clearly visible and avoided.

Wherever life finds you this Sock Season, we’ve got your back. Or your ankles. Any way you look at it, you’re spill safe.

It’s enough to knock your socks off, or at least your shoes, and make you want to dance. Crank up Aretha, and get down!


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