Socks or Socks?

As you slip that comfy clean sock over your foot, you probably don’t even think about who even came up with such an ingenious idea. The concept of a sock did not appear in writing prior to the 8th century, but they have existed for some time. Long ago, socks were worn by people as a sign of wealth. Early socks were made of animal hair or fibers, as well as leather. Eighth century Barbarians were known to wear brightly colored socks. What a sight that must have been!

Impact Absorbents “socks” aren’t for your feet, but they do enclose absorbent materials to absorb liquids, even oil from water without absorbing the water with it. Absorbent socks are perfect for home or commercial applications with a variety of uses.  We’re sure we have the right sock for your needs.  Whether it’s universal, oil-only or brightly colored yellow or orange socks, we have them.  And remember, we offer both a fiber- or Xsorb-filled sock. So the next time you slip on your fresh, clean socks, think about Impact Absorbents!

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