Spill Clean Up By Any Other Name

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,
by any other name would smell as sweet.”
~ William Shakespeare


The Bay Area has long been known for being progressive, sometimes in the extreme. The city of Berkeley, for instance, recently voted to abolish gender-specific pronouns in favor of more inclusive terminology — not just for people, but for inanimate objects.

This could become a bit unwieldy, not to mention humorous. Right now, they’re planning to replace “manhole cover” with “maintenance hole cover,” and “manpower” with “human effort”. OK, not so bad.

They’re also planning to swap out “sorority” and “fraternity” for “collegiate Greek system residence.” That could become a trifle awkward in everyday conversation. “So, Bill, are you planning to pledge any collegiate Greek system, and if you do, will you stay in the dorms, or move into a collegiate Greek system residence?”

Fortunately, our spill clean up and spill containment solutions have always been gender-neutral and inclusive. We’re a woman-owned company, after all (though we suppose we should now say a “person-owned” company.)

The products speak for themselves, regardless. Our premier spill clean up solution, XSORB Universal, is an environmentally friendly super absorbent that solidifies oil- and water-based liquids on contact, making it easy to simply sweep spills away. Non-toxic and non-leaching, XSORB Universal Spill Clean-up traps chemicals permanently, leaving surfaces clean, dry and skid-free. Business owners like you have relied on XSORB for its superior spill clean up power since 1992.

So regardless of how you self-identify, our spill clean up and spill containment solutions have your back. Even (especially) if you live in a collegiate Greek system residence, where the need may be particularly great on weekends. Biofresh Super Absorbent with Disinfectant will vanquish those biohazard “accidents” so beautifully, you’ll come up smelling like a rose.



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