Study finds West Virginia’s Interstate 77 at risk for hazmat accident

A new report released by the Wood/Wirt County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) has found that an accident involving hazardous materials in the area would most likely happen on West Virginia’s Interstate 77.

The News and Sentinel reports the study, conducted by Tiano-Knopp Associates, found that flammables make up almost 75 percent of all dangerous materials being transported through the county by highway, with an accident that warrants hazmat cleanup likely to occur on Interstate 77 every 4 months.

LEPC Chairman Doug Hess told the news agency the study will help emergency officials identify which chemicals are being transported through the area so they can be better prepared to deal with an emergency. Hazmat crews can protect themselves with a variety of top products from Impact Absorbents including Tyvek Coverall with Hood and Boots and chemical splash googles.

Hess said he is not surprised by the latest survey results since Interstate 77 is such a highly traveled road.

“It makes perfect sense that the main highway was still the number one place that this type of accident could occur,” Hess said. “I was a little surprised that there was not a more significant likelihood of accidents on U.S. 50, now that there is more traffic.”

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