Take A Deep Breath of Life

It’s possible you may never have appreciated your breath more than in 2020. Breathing is completely natural, so of course we take it for granted; our autonomic nervous system handles functions that keep us alive without us having to stop and think, “Okay, now breathe in…and now breathe out.”

During the spate of wildfires California experienced over the past several years, many of us probably gave much more thought to breathing than ever before — but perhaps never more so than in the last few months, as the coronavirus, which typically targets the lungs, encircles the globe. 

Clearly, making a conscious effort to breathe deeply is good for our health, as is spending time in nature, since trees release oxygen and help filter carbon dioxide, which humans expel. In a larger sense, forests act like the “lungs” of the planet, which is one of many reasons we need to stop destroying them.

One of the ways we can help protect the planet and our own lungs — other than renouncing horses under the hood for a return to actual horses — is to keep our motorized transport as clean and well conditioned as possible. Impact Absorbents has one viable solution: Fuel Tank Breather.

The Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Desiccant Breather removes moisture, dirt particles and other contaminants to keep your fuel tank’s contents clean and pure, preventing corrosion and chemical reactions by cleaning and drying the air entering tanks, which minimizes maintenance costs. 

Whether you work in the transportation industry or do a lot of driving for your job, this Fuel Tank Breather, like our other spill containment and spill clean up products for transportation, such as our portable spill containment berms, will help your rig run better, longer, with fewer spill clean up needs or road emergencies. And that means you’ll be breathing easier.

Now, as soon as our cities and states deem it safe to reopen parks, beaches, and other spaces where deep breathing is a joy, do yourself a favor and spend a little time in nature. Your lungs will thank you.

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