Teachers can easily clean up a mess with FiberLink Take Along Spill Squares

Children are messy by nature. They are not fully aware that their actions have consequences and often leave behind a trail of spills. Given that younger students typically eat lunch at school in one room, there may often be numerous liquids on the floor resulting from juice boxes or an unfortunate accident. Teachers need to be prepared to combat any, if not all, of these occurrences.

FiberLink Take Along Spill Squares are the perfect cleanup product for teachers who have to look out for a large number of children. The absorbent squares are small enough for teachers to have a couple on-hand and in their pockets.

Teachers can prevent further accidents from occurring when they carry around a few FiberLink Take Along Spill Squares. They would simply need to drop a few squares on a leak, which negate the need to search for clumsier supplies.

FiberLink Take Along Spill Squares are made from universal polypropylene and absorbs all leaks, drips and small spills. Teachers can help make kids a little bit less messy by using these cleanup tools in schools, activity centers and other public spaces.

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