Teaching Moments: All-In

Since our lives have become more virtual than ever before — and hapless parents have transmogrified into de facto teachers — it’s a golden opportunity to teach children how to be oil-in.

That’s not a typo; it’s an eco version of “all-in.” Kids are known for being all-in on projects and games they love (not to be confused with parents being all in, no hyphen, with fatigue from the extra months of on-the-job parenting). So why not teach them how to care for the planet as we diligently disinfect all surfaces for humans?

Oil spills don’t just affect the Earth’s waterways. They have a negative impact on human health. Front line oil spill clean up workers may experience skin rashes, lesions, burning sensations and other disturbing symptoms, such as increased anxiety and depression from the toxic exposure.

Impact Absorbents is doing our part to minimize the impact of oil spills on marine environments and marine life, while protecting human health. XSORB Oil Select Absorbent, for instance, absorbs all petroleum-based products in industrial or marine environments, including waterways, holding ponds, contaminated barrels, sumps, and more, leaving only clean water behind. Like all Impact products, it’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic, safe for both people and planet. XSORB Oil Select is even licensed as an oil spill cleanup agent by the California Department of Fish and Game.

If you want to tie this teaching into something kids know and understand, you can reference Gone With the Wind, a classic film most children have watched, in school or online, by an early age. While Scarlett O’Hara didn’t actually say, “Oil think about it tomorrow,” they’ll enjoy your attempt at humor (hopefully). And it will bring the teaching moment home: keeping oil out of our waterways will help prevent our oceans — and their wildlife — from being “Gone With the Wind.”

We’ve all got to be all-in with that.

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