Hot Spot

When you’re seeking a place to access WiFi from your car, a hot spot is exactly what you hope to find. When you’re ready for a night out after all the months of sheltering in place, you appreciate a referral to a trendy restaurant with a patio (bring your mask, and remember to social distance for safety).

But when every place you go has temperatures soaring into triple digits, “hot spot” may be an unwelcome reference.

As climate change accelerates temperatures around the globe, it’s all the more reason to keep cool where spill clean up is concerned.

Fear not: we have the solutions you seek. In the transportation industry, especially, solvents can turn nasty in the heat. Oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolants… they’re enough of a challenge to clean up when spilled in “normal” weather. When they’re about to bake into asphalt or concrete, efficient spill clean up is more crucial than ever.

Take Impact Absorbents on the job with you. From roadway to repair shop, we’ll keep your rig in shape with spill containment and spill clean up products such as XSROB Outdoor All-Purpose, the heavyweight, non-toxic, environmentally friendly dry spill clean up that stays down even in slightly windy conditions. XSORB Outdoor will leave those surfaces completely dry and clean. And it’s non-leaching, permanently trapping hazardous chemicals. A 25-pound bag absorbs up to 40 quarts of oil, grease, or paint.

Are you a contractor who’s been on the job throughout the COVID-19 crisis as an essential worker, helping to keep a building site safe? You probably have some of our FiberLink Hazmat Socks on hand, the ultimate in hazardous liquid clean up. FiberLink Socks absorb drips, overspray, seepage, leaks, drainage, and spills the easy way. They can be used anywhere spills or leaks might happen, such as municipalities, machine shops, shopping malls, in property management, and factories. They can even be incinerated once they’ve done their job!

Keep the appropriate Impact Absorbents spill products handy, especially when it’s really hot outside. Yes, spills happen. But with the Spill Hero family of spill clean up solutions on hand, you’ll be the hot resource people need.

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