The Unfattening: How to Lose Weight During a Pandemic

No doubt about it, 2020 has been a year of weight gain. Being ordered indoors for months on end to keep us safe has led to a greater degree of sanctioned couch-potato-ness than ever before in history. What can you do, stuck in the house for all that time, sheltering in place, unable to exercise unless you have a home gym? After exhaustively placing that last puzzle piece in the umpteenth jigsaw puzzle, it’s time to raid the refrigerator or cook. And comfort food reigns supreme when the world is topsy-turvy.

So now, people who’ve never had a weight problem have a wait problem: waiting at home until it’s safe to emerge. No socializing. Keep your distance. Wear a mask. Except when eating, of course. What’s the natural solution? It’s a slam-dunk: eat!

Now that the rules are relaxing in many areas, people are getting outside again — just in time for cold, wet weather. Which means more indoor time, again — and food.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program

We have a solution: turn your housekeeping into both exercise and a weight loss program. If you’ve been experimenting in the kitchen and eating in that home office, or the kids have been distance-learning in the “wreck room,”, there’s bound to be a significant need for spill clean up. We know, your eyes don’t really see the mess anymore.

But this is so simple. Just take a 6-quart bottle of XSORB Universal Super Absorbent, put on some energizing music and your favorite workout gear, and get to it: bend, stretch, limber up those muscles and get ready to do the Spill Hero Spill Clean-up Sprint: Super Fast, Super Safe, Super Easy.

Sprinkle some non-toxic, environmentally friendly XSORB Universal dry formula on that greasy mess, and bend, stretch, flex, wipe it away! Your floor will be dry, non-slippery, and super clean in no time, and when you get on the scale, you may have lost a few ounces! That’s motivation enough to take XSORB into every room of your home or office and clean up those oily, sugary, greasy liquid spills. 

You might still crave comfort foods, especially as we head into the winter months. But with Spill Hero in your corner, you’ll be able to conquer the “wait” issue, and keep your home and office spill safe at the same time.

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